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Angelika Permanent Logo

A logo design for a Ukrainian cosmetics personal brand that specializes on makeup services, beauty consultingma and cosmetology education.

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May 2022


Logo Desing


Angelinka Permanent


Logo Design, Branding

Anjelika Permanent is a Ukrainina cosmetical brand that required a new logo for their new studio in Lviv. Angelika, owner of the Anjelika Permanet company contacted us with the request to design and new logo. The reuqirment for the design was to make a logo that would combine the first letter of the the brand name and an illustation that would resonate with the women target audience.



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Graphic designer

Logo Desinger


Logo Desing

Logo Documentation


The logo design for Angelka Permanent, a brand specializing in permanent makeup, features a circular shape that represents unity and continuity. Inside the circle, the letter "A" represents the brand owner, Angelica, while the outline of a female face and facial features symbolize beauty and transformation. This unique combination of elements embodies the essence of Angelka Permanent, showcasing their expertise in enhancing natural beauty and providing personalized cosmetic solutions.

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