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Dzen Asian Food Branding

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September 2021


Logo Design, Brand Identity


Dzen Asian Kitchen


Asian Food, Brandbook

Dzen Asian Kitchen is Urainian restaurant chain that specialized on chinese cuisine. The target audience of Dzen primarily consists of families with young children, aiming to provide an entertaining and family-friendly environment for kids to play games, enjoy food, and celebrate special occasions.



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Sketch


Graphic Designer

Logo Designer


Logo Design

Business Design

Brand Identity

Packagin Desing


Our task was to design a captivating logo, comprehensive branding and brand style guides, as well business documentatin with several merchandise items and outdoor advertizing assets for brand marketing.


New Logo Brand

The task was to develop a new logo that would convey positive and fun emotions as the brand focuses promoting Asian cuisine among families.


Business Documentation

Design of business documentation and accesories for sales and brand marketing.


Brand Packaging

Design and developemnt of the branded restaurant packaging for takeaway service


Outdoor advertising

Devopment of ready-to-print assets for outdoor advertizing


The design of the brand book for Dzen Asian Kitchen, an Asian restaurant chain, revolves around a vibrant and playful aesthetic that caters to families with children seeking great food and entertainment. The brand book showcases a color palette featuring white, yellow, and light pink, evoking a sense of freshness, happiness, and warmth. Through captivating visuals, engaging illustrations, and a user-friendly layout, the brand book effectively communicates the brand's values, menu offerings, and unique dining experience. The design captures the attention of both parents and children, creating a memorable and enjoyable journey that reinforces Dzen Asian Kitchen as a go-to destination for delicious Asian cuisine and family-friendly fun.

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