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Eva Lazer Studio Website

A landing page design and development for a Ukraine based lazer hair removal company.

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About Project


June 2021


Website Design


Eva Lazer Studio


Lazer removal, Landing page

Eva Lazer Studio is Ukranian cosmetic company that specializes on lazer hair removal services and is based in in Lviv. The main goal of the project was to establish and online presence on the company and design a landing page website.





UI/UX Designer

Website Designer

Design Consultant


Logo Design

Landing Page Design

Website Editor Integration


While designing the landing page for Eva Lazer Studio we pursued several goals. Firstly, we had to strike a balance between capturing the attention of visitors and conveying the professionalism and trustworthiness of the laser hair removal services without making the landing page to long to read. Secondly, we had to highlight the benefits of laser hair removal over traditional hair removal methods. Finally, we had to make the website optimized for conversions and lead generation.


Conversion Optimization

The challenge of designing the website with a focus on conversion optimization involved strategically placing call-to-action elements, optimizing forms for ease of use, and creating clear pathways for users to take desired actions such as booking appointments or contacting the studio. Ensuring a seamless and intuitive user journey was crucial to maximize conversion rates.


Interactive Pricelist

The challenge of the interactive price list involved designing a visually engaging and user-friendly interface that presented complex pricing structures in a concise and accessible format for potential clients of Eva Lazer Studio.


One Page Structure

The concept of a one-page structure involved designing a website layout where all the essential content and information, such as services, portfolio, contact details, and key features are presented on a single page,


SEO Optimization

Despite the website's simplified structure, we implemented effective SEO techniques to improve visibility and drive organic traffic, ensuring that the essential content, keywords, and meta tags were optimized to maximize search engine rankings and enhance online discoverability.


The website design for Eva Lazer Studio features a modern and elegant aesthetic that effectively conveys the professionalism and expertise of the laser hair removal services offered. The use of a clean layout, soft color palettes, and high-quality imagery creates a visually pleasing experience for visitors. The design elements are strategically placed to guide users through the website, emphasizing key information such as service offerings, benefits, and contact options. Overall, the design combines aesthetics with functionality to deliver a visually appealing and user-friendly website that aligns with Eva Lazer Studio's brand identity and provides a seamless browsing experience.

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