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Maykan Media Production Website

An animated portfolio website for a media production agency with blog and online booking functionality.

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November 2020


UI/UX Desing, Web Development


Maykan Production


Web Design, Web Development

Maykan is a Ukraine based media production studio that specializes of video production, advertisement production, and social media management. The studio required a simple and modern looking website that would have blog, booking functionality and a portfolio page to highlight their works.




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Wordpress Website

Portfolio Website


Designing a portfolio website for MayKan Production, a media production company, presented challenges such as vertical slide scrolling and incorporating MayKan's black and red branding. The goal was to showcase their services creatively while ensuring a seamless user experience, resulting in a captivating and visually appealing website.


Vertical Slider Effect

A major hurdle was implementing the desired vertical slide scrolling between sections which required careful consideration of user experience, ensuring that the content of each section would fit inside various screens witout any issues.


Service Showcase

The challenge involved effectively showcasing the diverse range of media production services offered by MayKan Production, striking a balance between creativity, functionality, and optimal presentation of their portfolio.


Dark Theme design

We had to align the website design with MayKan's branding by incorporating their main colors of black and red, striking a balance between visual appeal and brand consistency


Speed optimization for media content

The challenge involved optimizing the speed of the website due to heavy media content like high quality videos and pictures for a stunning protfolio.


The design of the website for MayKan Production is characterized by a sleek and modern aesthetic. The use of a clean layout, combined with bold typography and strategic use of black and red colors, captures the essence of their brand. The website effectively showcases their portfolio of media production services, utilizing a combination of striking visuals and concise descriptions to highlight their expertise. The navigation is intuitive, allowing visitors to easily explore different sections and access the booking functionality. Overall, the design creates a visually captivating and user-friendly experience, aligning with MayKan Production's professional image in the industry.

We have developed a 6 page media production website with vertical slide scroll effect.



By implementing vertical scroll functionality using Fullscreen.js provided a more unique and interactive experience, further captivating users and elevating the overall engagement on the website.


Services Page & Booking Functionality

The booking functionality was seamlessly integrated, allowing clients to easily schedule studio sessions or equipment rentals for shootings and ads production.


Caching and CDN for speed optimization

To optimize the speed of the media-heavy website, we employed caching and a CDN, resulting in faster loading times and improved user experience.


Website Loader

To enhance the user experience of a website with a long load speed, we implemented a website loader that effectively communicated the ongoing loading process to visitors, reducing frustration and improving overall user engagement.

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