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Tose Zafirov: Part 2

Development of a personal brand website for a fitness influencer and official representative of Mr. Olympia Academy in Europe, Tose Zafirov.

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April 2023


Website Development


Tose Zafirov


Fitness Website

Tose Zafirov is a Macedonian bodybuilder and fitness influencer with over 1.5 million instagram followers, who is also an official representative of Mr. Olympia Academy in Europe. His personal brand does many activities: including bloging, interviews, affiliate marketings, operating it own gym and running Tose's Fitness Transformation Group. Our goal was to develop a website that would combine all these activities under one single platform, opening new streams of traffic to the brand through SEO and affiliate marketing. This is the second part of our design project where we have deveveloper a fitness website using the second design concept




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Fitness Website

Website Development

Membership Website


The initial stategy for this project was to create two pilot design concepts that would become the base of the Tose Zafirov's marketing strategy. Beacause Tose's brand includes several activities we had to seamlesly design a website that would seamlesly combine a fintess blog, sport intreviews database, local gym promotion, and marketing of Toze Zafirov Ebook and Mr Olympia Academy course, as well as featuring a paid membership dashobard for Gitness Transformation group.


Complex Sitemap

The inital stiempat of the website consistet of numerous pages that had to be oraginzed in a simpe structure of easy navigation, and minimum confusion for the users.


Product Reviews

We also had to desing the "BEST BY" section for product reviews and affiliate marketing involved curating top-rated products, organizing information in a user-friendly format, and maintaining transparency and credibility. By overcoming these challenges, we created a valuable resource that drives affiliate conversions, and generates revenue.


Best By Archive

Product Reviews had to be structured and organized in a archive of product pages with 2 level navigation using product type andproduct categories.


Product Sales

We had to dedicate separate landing pages for Tose Zafirov's infoprducts including his Ebook, Mr. Olympia Academy Program and Fitness Transformation Group membership


The design concept of Tose Zafirov's personal brand fitness website revolves around a bold and dynamic aesthetic, incorporating a color scheme dominated by blue, white, and black. These colors evoke a sense of energy, passion, and power, aligning with the energetic personality of Tose Zafirov.

We have designed a large personal brand website concept with bloging functionality

The Tose Zafirov design project produced outstanding results, enhancing his online reputation and personal brand. The website was build on Wordpress with custom coded theme and features a sleek, modern layout, utilizing clean lines, striking typography, and high-quality imagery to create an impactful visual experience. The website fucntionality includes: blog, interview database of numerous european athletes, linternal landing pages for selling Tose Zafirov's info products, product review database to boost affiliate markeing of fitness products, and membership functionality for Mr Olympia Academy Course.


New Branding Concept

We designed a completely new branding identity that evokes a sense of energy, passion, and power, aligning with the energetic nature of fitness industry.


Internal Landing Pages

We designed separate landing pages to promote and sell exclusive info products including: ebook landing page design, fitness group ladning page, academy course landing page.


Best By Archvie

We designed a best by section that gathers all product reviews into one achive page where users can easily navigate between product ratings, single product reviews.


Membership Functionality

We developed a paid membership functionality for the Mr. Olympia Academy course, allowing users to access exclusive content and resources by subscribing to a premium membership. This feature enabled seamless Stripe payments, secure user authentication, and personalized user experiences, enhancing the value and monetization of the course while providing a convenient and premium learning experience for members.

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Tose Zafirov: Part 2

Development of a personal brand website for a fitness influencer and official representative of Mr. Olympia Academy in Europe, Tose Zafirov.