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ED Marketing Agency Website

A SEO and affiliate marketing agency website with blog and marketing resource directory.

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January 2023


Website Design


ED Agency


Agency website

ED Agency is an Israil-base SEO and Affiliate marketing agency that empowers digital advertising for brands, agencies and social networks. The main goal of the project was to create an agency website that would drive traffic and clients through the blog articles and resources directory.



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Wordpress Website


Designing the website for an ED-Agency, an Israel-based SEO and Affiliate marketing agency, posed challenges in capturing the dynamic nature of the industry, creating a visually engaging interface, and integrating advanced analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness. Yet, we successfully designed a website that reflected the agency's capabilities, provided valuable information, and showcased their track record of success in online marketing.


Services Archive

Creating a service archive posed the challenge of organizing a wide range of services, designing the service archive page and single service pages.


Resources Repository

Creating a resources repository involved the challenge organizing, and presenting a diverse range of valuable materials and information in a centralized hub for users to access relevant resources.


Marketing Blog

The challenge of creating a marketing blog involved ensuring consistent production of high-quality, engaging, and informative content that catered to the target audience's interests and needs.


Design Concept

The task was to choose a minimalistic yet interesting and engaging design style. We choose to go for human illustrations on the website to add personalized and relatable touch, creating a visual connection with the target audience and enhancing the overall user experience.


The ED-Agency website's design features a contemporary, streamlined appearance that highlights the firm's expertise in affiliate marketing and SEO. The website expertly presents services, case studies, and client testimonials through a simple and clear structure. Bold writing, colorful graphics, and subtle animations are employed to create a visually appealing experience, and seamless navigation makes it simple to explore the various areas. Human images give the website a more human touch, increasing its appeal and fostering a closer relationship with the viewer.

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